About me

I'm a qualified person-centred counsellor, I trained at City Lit in London between 2012 and 2016. I am also a focusing practitioner with the British Focusing Association and have been supporting people with focusing since 2011.

I am accredited with the National Counselling Society and abide by their ethical practice and guidelines for good counselling and therapy.

I am insured with Holistic insurance services.

I can work with you as your counsellor, but there are other ways that we can work.

For example we can work in a more coaching style - eg exploring a specific goal you would like to achieve (eg more confident at work or overcoming a block) or I can provide a guided Focusing session (this is like meditation but turning your attention to your experiencing in the current moment: this might be sensations in your body, the emotional 'feel' of an issue in your life, or going with what comes - imagery for example). Focusing is a profound deep change process.

I am also training to be a Clean Language coach and facilitator. This is a fascinating approach where metaphors and sometimes imagery (if you are a visual person) come as part of a guided process which brings an answer to your desired outcome or something that you want to understand better (in yourself or a situation in your life).

I am also offering Clean Language with Focusing as a way of bringing profound and deep change to stuck and unresolved or repeating issues that you've not been able to solve or make headway with before, either by yourself or from previous counselling, coaching or personal development practices. This is really helpful for intractable issues. It is also a way of working where you don't need to talk about the issues - deep change can happen through metaphors.

For example, say you had an image of being at a crossroads, with fears of choosing the wrong way or path. Or maybe there are no clear paths. Or you can't even go down a path because you are totally stuck in some mud. This might relate to a deep indecision in you or not trusting your abilities or feelings of hopelessness. But instead of having to talk about all this, you follow the metaphors that come, which will bring deep understanding. This kind of work - and Focusing - can bring a clear understanding of what's stuck as well as what will carry forward this whole stuck situation in ways that were not possible for you before.

Art and Imagery: We can also bring in images into sessions by representing your issues, feelings, needs etc on paper. Eg with crayons, pastels, coloured pencils (which can be used like watercolours) and pens.

I am also looking to incorporate sand tray work or representing aspects of your experiences with objects. It can be really helpful to externalise issues or feelings about self on paper or by using objects.

I also work using different aspects or 'parts' of self. I work with something called 'Inner Relationship Focusing' which has a huge amount in common with Internal Family Systems, developed by Dick Schwartz.

What I charge for sessions

£55 (online) and £60 in person. More information here:

I currently work from these locations:

Unique Mind Therapy Rooms 75 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BB (map)

Hove Therapy Rooms 69 Church Street, Hove, BN3 2BB (map)

And at:

Hove Counselling and Psychotherapy 148 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QL (map)

You are very welcome to talk with me about what you would like at this point in your life. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about counselling with me and about focusing.

Regularity of sessions: With counselling, some regularity of sessions is helpful for us both. Some people, sometimes for financial reasons, have sessions every 2 weeks with me. I think a longer gap than 2 weeks between sessions can make it harder to have continuity in the work together so I prefer either weekly or bi-weekly. You can also have sessions twice a week if you need - for example to get you through a crisis.

With guided Focusing and Clean Language, and coaching - you can arrange sessions on a more as-and-when you need as they are more stand-alone sessions.

I usually offer open-ended counselling - you decide when it is right to end sessions, or take a break. However, we could also agree to work for a set period of time - eg 6 sessions - and then review how that is.

It is also good to review how sessions are going from time to time. Please also do let me know if you'd like some changes in how I am working with you or we are working together. I would like sessions to be of maximum benefit for you.

I am a member of Brighton & Hove Therapy Hub